Univers Build Guide & Resources

Univers Build Guide & Resources

Build Guide:
Here's a great video by nearLucid demonstrating the assembly and build process:

Other Resources:
Full Plate File
Full Plate File (no cuts)
Half Plate File
Metal Badge with M2.5 thread
Non-Metal Badge (threaded inserts required)
VIA/VIAL Compatible Firmware


FR4 Hybrid Plate Conversion Precautions:

The conversion of the FR4 plate from a full plate to a half-plate requires you to remove the materials at the points that are circled. Do not snap the points by hand as there are a few fragile points along the plate. Only use a penknife to make cuts along the scores circled below. Take proper precautions while doing so as inhaling fiberglass dust can cause irritation.

Firmware Flashing Guide:

  1. Connect your PCB to your PC.
  2. Press the reset button that is located underneath the F3 key twice in quick succession. 
  3. A window that leads to your PCB's bootloader should appear on your file directory (it will appear as a drive).
  4. Drag and drop the firmware file that you want to flash into the window.
  5. Disconnect the PCB from your PC.
  6. Your new firmware should now be flashed!
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